Refresh your brain with Piracetam (Nootropic)

Published: 18th May 2011
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Brain is the CPU of our body. As brain is busy in monitoring and guiding each body action, it is sometimes important to boost the chemical reaction in brain in order to achieve superior results. The early symptoms like memory loss, confusion, and lack of mental focus are often ignored by people. It is important to take action on noticing the first signs of deformed brain actions. These days new and reformed drugs are available that selectively urge the brain receptors to act in a defined manner.

Piracetam , a new and revolutionary drug improves brain functioning by stimulating central nervous system without any toxicity or addictive properties.

Piracetam belongs to new breed of drugs known as nootropics that are commonly called as cognitive enhancers that improve medical condition of brain, sharpen mental focus, and increase concentration. Our brain has two sides- logical and creative. The hemispheres where the two sides conjoin are known as Corpus Callosum. Piracetmal works selectively by stimulating this particular hemisphere so that the user can use both sides, thus drawing greater brain potential. Besides being a cognitive enhancer, it has also been tested to successfully treat Alzheimer disease, alcoholism syndrome, and senile involution. It has proved beneficial in recovery from aphasia. It speeded the process of restoring the use of limbs, speech, and state of consciousness in people suffering with chronic cerebral ischemia. People with age related memory problems have also showed improvements after taking this drug. It helps recover alertness, cooperation, socialisation, and IQ. It has increased reading comprehension and accuracy in dyslexic children. Dyslexic children who took Piracetam reported accuracy in reading, writing, and speaking skills. It helps eradicate cognitive defects caused by anti –epileptic drugs in both humans and animals. According to scientific research, elderly people who took Piracetam reported improvement in memory recall and performance. This wonder drug helps in reducing the EEG slowing associated with normal aging of human by increasing the alpha and beta of EEG activity and simultaneously increasing vigilance, attention, and memory. Piracetam showed multiplier effects when taken with DMAE, Centrophenoxine, Choline and Hydrogen. When Piracetam was taken together with these chemicals, the synergy produced helped in improving the chemical reaction in brain than when taken alone.

The dosage should be limited to three 800 mg tablets gradually reducing the dosage over a period of few weeks to months. These nootrpics can be combined with each other for multiple effects. Rare side effects may be experienced in the form of nausea, and headaches. Give your brain a new lease of life with a new cognitive enhancer, Piracetam.

Hello, This is Sugi San. An assistant of a MD (doctors). Sometime I feel proud for those medicines which provide new hope to live Such as Piracetam is one the best Medicine to Cognitive enhancer as well as Improve memory.

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